About Us

Award-winning professional photographers, Brad & Kara Smith's partnership spans over 20 years, as popular wedding photographers, on the Gold Coast.

Retiring from the wedding scene and dreaming of a tree change, Brad & Kara moved to the High Country Hamlets town of Pechey, atop of The Great Diving Range & surrounded by the beautiful Pechey pine forest in Queensland, Australia.

This stunning hinterland tourism hotspot experiences all 4 seasons and is truly breathtaking all year round. This has inspired us to create Venus & Harley, specialising in Photography, Film Making, Multi Media Marketing and hosting Photography Workshops from our studio & scenic drive along tours for those wanting to discover the beauty, that awaits them here in the High Country Hamlets

Our studio gallery is open casually, showcasing our travels of the world in stunning landscape photography & fine art prints, canvas, postcards & books. If you'd like to arrange a visit, just let us know & keep your eye on our facebook page for announcements about our open days.

We are truly in heaven living in this beautiful place & so lucky to be working, using the experience & skills we have acquired over the years. It made sense that we would put that all together & work with other businesses wanting to create their own visual brand that represents who they are and what they have to offer their customers and for us to share our wonderful scenic micro-region with visitors.